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Old News

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Thanks to all artists, writers, curators and contributors to Old News #1, #2, #3, #4, #México, #5, #6, #7, #8 and .....

Old News #1: Mohmed Able, Jessica Almy-Pagan, Mauricio Arango, Julie Ault, Erick Beltran, Tania Bruguera, Carolina Caycedo, Jesper Fabricius, Loke Fowler, Cao Guimarăes, Alfredo Jaar, Emily Jacir, Takuji Kogo, *Candy Factory Projects, Jakob Kolding, Sabah Naim, Rivane Neuenschwander, Sam Nhlengethwa, Camilla Nřrgaard, Velaphi Mzimba, Stephan Pascher, Cesare Pietroiusti, Andrea Riviere, Tercerunquinto and Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries / Curator for Old News #1: Jacob Fabricius
/// Design: Sigrid Gry Laursen

Old News #2: Andrea Bowers, Kaucyila Brooke, Los Super Elegantes/Eric Bluhm, Adam Broomberg, Gerard Byrne, Mathew Hale, Sharon Hayes, Marc Herbst, Elliott Hundley, Céline Duval, Mari Eastman, Morgan Fisher, Mary Kelly, The Center for Land Use Interpretation+Erik Knutzen, Ján Mancuska, Laura Owens, Ed Ruscha, David Shrigley, Kawasaki+Sound Bum, Lincoln Tobier and Annelie Nilsson+Cecilia Wendt // Emergency Library (insert): Thomas Hirschhorn // Curator for Old News #2: Jacob Fabricius
/// Design: Ĺse Eg Jřrgensen

Old News #3: Ignasi Aballí, Lucas Ajemian, Bruno Serralongue, Karl Holmqvist, Laura Horelli, Aleksander Komarov, Matthieu Laurette, Tzay chuen Lim, Henrik Olesen, Tanja Ostojic & friends, Lee Ranaldo, Anri Sala, Leah Singer and T10 (Transfunctional Territory) // Silly Season (insert): Ignasi Aballi, Matthieu Laurette, Tzay Chuen Lim and Tanja Ostojic // Curator Old News #3: Jacob Fabricius
/// Design: Change is good & Marie tout court

Old News #4: Francesco Ruiz, Jorge Satorre and Rubén Grilo // Curator: Amanda Cuesta Li Yu & Liu Bo and Xie Xiaoze // Curator: Carol Yinghua Lu Delphine Courtillot, Folkert de Jong, Joanna Malinowska, Christian Tomaszewski, Rallou Panagiotou, Jannis Varelas, Despina Stokou, Konstantinos Dagritzikos and Jane Burden & Dante Gabriel Rossetti // Curator: Xenia Kalpaktsoglou & Christopher Marinos Misha Stroj, Michalis Pichler, Filip van Dingenen and Caroline Montenat // Curator: Victor Palacios Mario García Torres, Ryan Gander and Erlea Maneros // Curator: Magali Arriola Ayse Erkmen, Judith Hopf and Ariane Müller // Curator: Nikola Dietrich Glenda, Romana, Amuche Ngwu-Nnabueze, Ebru Özsecen, Dineo Bopape, Ingrid Mwangi, Robert Hutter and Shilpa Gupta // Curators: Bisi Silva & Dominique Fontaine Gustav Metzger // Curator: Hans Ulrich Obrist Carla Zaccagnini // Curator: Franciska Zolyom kuda.org // Curator: Sergio Rubira and John Rasmussen
/// Design: Sille Bjarnhof

Old News México: Victor Sulser, Moris, Begońia Morales, Fran Ilich, Mónica Mayer & Victor Lerma, Luis Orozco, Carlos Aguirre, Carla Herrera-Prats and Jonathan Hernández // Curator Old News México: Victor Palacios
/// Design: Jesús Caba.

Old News #5: Jens Haaning // Curator Old News #5: Jacob Fabricius
/// Design: Rasmus Koch Studio

Old News #6: Jude Anogwih / Annika Eriksson, Emeka Ogboh / Tamar Guimarăes, Uchay Joel Chima / Olof Olsson, Jelili Atiku / Janine Sack, Washington Uba / Cornelia Sollfrank, Soibifaa Dokubo / Ólafur Gíslason, Ato Arinze / Unnar Örn Audarson, Chiaka Nnodi / Karlotta Blöndal, Ephraim Ugochukwu / Örn Alexander Ámundason, Kola Kosoko / Annika Eriksson, Adama Collins-Ibe / Johan Tirén, Abdullateef Yussuf / Alexander Gutke, Bolaji Ogunwo / Runo Lagomarsino, Peju Layiwola / Dave Allen, Victor Ehikhamenor / Terje Östling, Richardson Ovbiebo / Kajsa Dahlberg, Ndidi Dike / Imri Sandström, Chinwe Uwatse / Nadia Mazzoni, Nkechi Nwosu-Igbo / Beata Berggren, Ibe Ananaba / Kristina Kvalvik, David Bamishile Richards / Emma-Lina Ericson, Kunle Adenmosun / Simon Möller, Adolphus Opara / Jakob Eklund, Tuoyo Omagba / Stina Wirfelt, Israel Ophori / Anders Sletvold Moe, Ete Ayida / Patrik Aarnivaara, Folarin Shasanya / Johan Furĺker, Enimien Etomi / Cedric Bomford, Azu Nwagbogu / Ditte Ejlerskov, Bob Aiwerioba / Verena Kaminiarz, Chinenye Olugazi / Eva Marie Lindahl // Curators Old News #6 1st day: Bisi Silva / Jacob Fabricius, afterwards the artists selected the next artist.
/// Design: Jess Andersen / E-types

Old News #7: spring 2010
Daniel Gustav Cramer & Haris Epaminonda

// Curator Old News #7: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Daniel Gustav Cramer & Haris Epaminonda

Old News #8: September 2010
Nevin Aladag
// Curator Old News #8: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Lasse Kusk

Old News #10: Walead Beshty // Curator Old News #10: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Walead Beshty //// Duration out of time

Old News Vinyl 1: Karl Holmqvist, KARL HOLMQVIST READS OLD NEWS 11 AUGUST 2010 // Curator Old News Vinyl 1: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Jess Andersen / E-types Design:

Old news #11A: Katie Holten// Curator Old News #11A: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Katie Holten and Jess Andersen / E-types //// Duration for the artist 1 day

Old News #11B: Stephan Dillemuth // Curator Old News #11B: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Jess Andersen / E-types Design: //// Duration for the artist 1 day

Old News Special 1: Johanna Jackson: Old News shirt/jacket // Design: Johanna Jackson

Old News #12-1: Jonathan Monk // Curator Old News #12-1: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Daniel Nřrregaard //// Duration for the artist 1 year

Old News #12-2: Banu Cennetoglu, Manchette is a relationship, Sur-manchette is a one night stand // Curator Old News #12-1: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Joanne Pang Visual Communication //// Duration for the artist 1 year

Old News #13: Sven Augustijnen, International Herald Tribune - The Global Edition of the New York Times // Curator Old News #12-1: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Stoffel Van den Bergh //// Duration for the artist 2 years

Old News #14: I N S TI T UTT F OR DE GE N E R E R T K U N ST // Curator Old News #14: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Institutt For Degenereret Kunst //// Duration for the artists 1 month

Old News Vinyl 2: Sun Foot// Curator Old News Vinyl 2: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Sun Foot


Old News Special 2: Jakob Kolding: Sculptures

Old News #15: Camille Henrot // Curator Old News #15: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Wrong Studio //// Duration for the artist 1 month

Old News #16: Pia Rönicke // Curator Old News #16: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Pia Rönicke & Wrong Studio //// Duration for the artist 1 month

Old News #17: Dashiell Manley // Curator Old News #17: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Dashiell Manley //// Duration for the artist 1 month

Old News #18: Liz Magic Laser // Curator Old News #14: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Liz Magic Laser & Wrong Studion //// Duration ongoing

Old News Vinyl 3: Lee Ranaldo // Curator Old News Vinyl 3: Jacob Fabricius /// Design: Lee Ranaldo

Introduction to Old News #1:

There is nothing new about Old News
"There are 4,000 holes in the road in Blackburn, Lancashire, or one twenty-sixth of a hole per person, according to a council survey. If Blackburn is typical, there are two million holes in Britains roads, and 300,000 in London".
This was what John Lennon read in Daily Mails Far and Near column on 17 January 1967. Lennon transformed the news into the last verse of the song "A Day In A Life", the last song on The Beatles 1967 album Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Reading about the 4,000 potholes in Blackburn, Lancashire, may start you thinking about the flood of information that is constantly printed and possibly read by millions of people around the globe. You may begin to think about the amount of information that is accessible to an individual. Read, unread, understood, misunderstood.

Old News is a project about information and media
In Old News you will find images and articles selected by individuals. It could have been farmers, dental technicians or real estate agents choosing the articles and images, but the information in Old News was selected by artists. Starting in January 2004, I invited one artist a month and continued to do so for twelve months. Each invited artist was asked to invite a fellow artist to participate and both clipped four articles or images (possibly one every week) from news sources s/he read during the designated month. All articles appear, as they were sent to me. Some have been reduced in size, due to the size of the original clipping, but otherwise they have not been edited. A few artists have culled their articles and images from webnews sources, some have re-worked them graphically, and that is how they are shown here.

"It is still true that the media now form an integral part of reality effects by creating a media-oriented vision of reality that contributes to creating the reality it claims to describe." Patrick Champagne, The Weight of the World. Social Suffering in Contemporary Society, ed. Pierre Bourdieu et al., Stanford University Press, 1999.

When I first started thinking about Old News, I thought about how news, newspapers and information influence my life. How I select my news sources and how information can be manipulated in the media. I thought of how I would react to my own Old News request. Would I read and look at the daily paper differently? While you read this, you might think about what you would do.

I was curious how 24 artists would react to my request and make their selections. The artists approached the Old News project in a variety of ways. Besides the 24 artists clipping articles, I asked the artists John Miller and Joachim Koester to write short essays for the cover of the premiere issue of Old News.

News and newspapers have been used in many different creative processes long before Lennon discovered the 4,000 holes. Recycling news articles, headlines, images and using information from the print media were at the core of visual art in the 20th century. The expressions are many and varied from intervention, incorporation, appropriation, reproduction of news to self published newspapers and montaged newspaper fragments.

Many artists, writers and musicians have inspired me in my research. I would like to mention Sylvan Hoffman and C. Hartley Grattan's book News of the World: a History of the World in Newspaper-style (1953), On Kawara's I read (1966 to the present), the news paper insert in Dead Kennedy's album Bedtime for Democracy (1986), Tom Lehrer's That Was the Year That Was (1965), Ken Loach's segment from the film September 11 and Guy Schraenen's exhibition Kunstzeitung/Zeitungskunst about the history of artworks in and around newspapers. I looked for, but regrettably never found, Aleksandr Mosolov's Four Newspaper Advertisements (Chetyre Gazetnyh Obyavlenya) a 1926 composition inspired by real advertisements in the Russian newspaper Izvestija.

The Old News project has been and will continue to be presented at different exhibition venues and take on many different shapes and forms.

Jacob Fabricius


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