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Old News #2

Cneai, Chatou, France, Oct 2006 - Jan 2007
Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden, April - June 2006

In Old News 2004 (Issue #1) and Old News 2005 (Issue #2), the guidelines for artists were straightforward: the remit was simply to select and cut out articles that were regarded as interesting and send them to me with their comments. However, the timeframe and number of articles solicited varied from year to year.
In 2005, 8 artists were asked to cut out 12 articles over a 12-month period - their comments were then printed next to the actual article in the newspaper. In addition, 13 artists primarily from Los Angeles were asked to cut 4 to 12 articles during 3 months (without writing comments on their selection). Thomas Hirschhorn made the Emergency Library 'book' insert for this edition of Old News.

Participating artists for Old News #2:
Andrea Bowers, Kaucyila Brooke, Los Super Elegantes/Eric Bluhm, Adam Broomberg, Gerard Byrne, Mathew Hale, Sharon Hayes, Marc Herbst, Elliott Hundley, Céline Duval, Mari Eastman, Morgan Fisher, Thomas Hirschhorn, Mary Kelly, The Center for Land Use Interpretation+Erik Knutzen, Ján Mancuska, Laura Owens, Ed Ruscha, David Shrigley, Kawasaki+Sound Bum, Lincoln Tobier and Annelie Nilsson+Cecilia Wendt / Curator for Old News #2: Jacob Fabricius

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Cneai, France / featuring Old News lamps by Karl Holmqvist

Dunkers Kulturhus, Sweden

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