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Old News #11A

Katie Holten

Welcome to the WEATHER issue of OLD NEWS. On January 1st 2011 I was in Florida. I collected all the newspapers that I could find and cut out everything related to the weather and climate. Usually the weather is relegated to the back pages of the newspaper and the end of the news broadcast. I wanted to create an entire paper out of the weather. It’s an important topic that connects to many of the major news items, but is rarely discussed in relation to economics, food crises, housing, water shortages, travel, land rights, sport, social services, and war. Forecast - unusual warmth, mostly cloudy, fog, high pressure, rain, gusty thunderstorms, cold front, moist air, wind gusts, blizzard, storm, snow, sunshine, ice, low-elevation rain, mountain snow, grey sludge, cold, compact snow and ice, precipitation, arctic air, low pressure, icy conditions, tornadoes, heavy snow, adverse weather, partly cloudy, floods, bitterly cold winds, record low temperatures, patchy clouds, partly sunny, lots of sun, nice, thaw. — Katie Holten, January 2011

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Published by Pork Salad Press / 2011 / ISBN 978-87-91409-59-2
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